Dear Followers and Supporters,

After many months of reflection, I have decided to change school board races. Originally, I had wanted to run in my own district (which is district 3) in 2016. However, I missed qualifying for the 2016 election by a week. Since I am extremely passionate about public education and our failing school board, I jumped into the County 6 race hoping to make some positive change.

However, as an elected Tampa Palms CDD Supervisor and the President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay, I would have to resign from both of those positions in order to complete the 2018 race. Honestly, resigning from both of those elected positions before completing my term felt like an injustice to the people who had voted for me. By 2020, I will have served out both my terms and can run for a new office without resigning from either position.

This has been a challenging decision for me, as I’m well aware of the urgency and need for serious change within the Hillsborough County School Board, as well as the crisis our county is facing both financially and educationally. However, by talking to a few other candidates, I feel confident that we can elect a strong progressive candidate for District 6. One who will fight for public education, as well as the tax referendum we need in order to properly fund our public schools.

I would also like to announce that I am not dropping out, I am simply changing races from the 2018 Countywide District 6 seat to the 2020 District 3 seat. Please know that regardless of whether or not I am in this current race, I will continue to advocate for public education, our teachers, our students and our community in general. And as the president of the DPCTB, I will continue to push our current school board members to be as democratic and progressive as possible and to vote in favor of their constituents (all constituents), as opposed to people with ulterior motives and deep pockets.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the people in our community who not only donated to my campaign, but who also supported me fully. I am still overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement I received throughout my campaign. The fact that so many people who I admire both believe in my ability to transform our School Board and offered to do whatever it takes to get me elected is both inspiring and touching. Thank you all for your amazing support!!!!!!! I hope I earn your continued support in my new District 3 race in 2020.

I have notified Tampa Tiger Bay of my change, so sadly I won’t be on the panel today, however as a member of Tiger Bay, I will be at the lunch today and ready to ask that challenging questions that you would expect from me!


-Jessica Vaughn

Long awaited update on my School Board race